Yogesh Kumar Negi and Anchal Jamwal

Research Scholars in Comparative Literature, School for Languages, Literature and Culture, from Central University of Punjab 151001


The genders have not been discriminated by nature but certainly the patriarchal norms have estranged all the genders apart. Indian society presents one such social structure which shows the hierarchy of genders, due to the patriarchal mindset still prevailing in the society.

Due to this societal complication the men have become a bread winner having economic authority in his hands whereas the women have provided with the duties of house keepers and unfortunately, the third genders still are not being considered as humans. This study therefore presents a thesis for discussion on the issue concerning gender discrimination in Punjabi society. The popular Punjabi lyrics have been studied and analysed from gender perspective in this study in which it has been found that the patriarchal culture is still prevalent and discriminating women. The music is a popular genre in contemporary era which contains the people’s subjective and objective consciousness concerning to women.

Keywords: Gender Construction, Gender hierarchy, Music, Lyrics, Punjabi, Patriarchal social structure

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Gender Construction in Patriarchal Punjabi Society: A Critical Appraisal of Contemporary Popular Music