Vivian Bongka Tah

The University of Bamenda


This paper entitled, Globalisation, stakes, and challenge: Discussing Ngugi wa Thiong’o’s Devil on the Cross and Wizard of the Crow discusses the stakes and challenges faced by postcolonial societies in the globalisation process. Gillian Young informs us that “Globalization…suggests a processual approach to world affairs: that we are dealing with realities in motion on the large scale of the globe” (Kofman and Youngs 2003:1). Our concern is with the fate of developing nations in such a giant procession considering that “there is a marked divergence in economic conditions and standards of living between the industrialized and less developed countries of the world”(Horowitz 1966:3) as David Horowitz  reiterates. Our worry is how developing countries will survive in such a great move considering not only the discrepancy between the highly industrialised and developed North, and the underdeveloped and poor South. Such a worry pushes us to find out what keeps the undeveloped South in constant paralyses and we ask the following questions which this paper endeavours to answer: what are the stakes that keep developing countries backward in a global context? what challenges must developing countries overcome to move with global trends? And how can developing countries overcome these challenges? The statement of the problem here is that, irresponsible leadership, coupled with other downgrading factors like disunity and dependency keep developing nations behind in a global procession. The hypothesis that guides analyses in this paper is that, for equality of exchange and even movement to adequately occur in the global society, developing countries must abandon irresponsible attitudes together with dependency tendencies to catch up with the pace of developed countries. The theoretical framework that backs analyses in this paper is Post-colonial theory because as Tyson reiterates, it does not only play an important role in anti-colonial movements but also seeks to understand the political, social, cultural, and psychological operations of ideologies that have a colonial undertone. The paper treats both external and internal constraints that retard progress in developing countries.

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Globalisation, stakes, and challenge: Discussing Ngugi wa Thiong’o’s Devil on the Cross and Wizard of the Crow