Bharatender Sheoran

 Research Scholar

 Department of English & Foreign Languages

 Maharshi Dayanand University





The novel Monkey-Man symbolizes the transformation of a peaceful, hustle-less city which was considered as a ‘Pensioner’s Paradise’ into a modernized, IT-hub now aspirationally called as ‘Silicon Valley’. The novelist, Usha, K.R. plots this story in her own native place, Bangalore – the city whose features have been severely tainted in the past two decades. She portrays the transformation of this city from being a blustery town of gardens, a pensioner’s ecstasy and a resident’s paradise into one of the most prominent information technology hubs of India. Presently, it’s an extremely materialistic city, one of the leading metropolis of India with blooming property prices, fanatical traffic and a maddening rush.

Keywords: Globalization, Industrialization, Materialistic


Globalization and Industrialization: A Menace to Nature and Woman in Usha K.R’s Monkey-Man