Dr Shipra Malik

Assistant Professor

North Cap University

(Visiting Faculty)

Dept. of C.L.L (Centre for Language Learning)






The poem explores the weakening of the sacred and pious bond of love, faith and companionship, which is called marriage. This fragile bond is now no longer able to hold the two human souls together, who decide to be each other’s companion for entire life. This violation of the commitment is lacking especially on the male counterpart. The poem is written from the feminist point of view. It attacks on the sheer practical, selfish and egoistic aspects of a husband who is addressed in the poem as the “master of the house.”The role of a wife is shown as a submissive being ,who sacrifices everything ‘she belonged to’ and ‘everything which belonged her’ just to fit happily into the moulds of the new roles expected out of her by her husband and society. Her only dream is to be always loved by her husband and to build and nurture a small world of love, trust and companionship. But her world is destroyed with in no time by her companion who can easily decide to fall in love with other lady by committing adultery. Just like a civilized animal empowered by the codes and conventions of society, which provides him complete liberty in committing such sins, he violates the faith and piousness of the bond called marriage. The modern empowered woman however is questioned for her identity and self. Though our society has empowered women still there is not much difference in their condition. If adultery is committed by a female she is considered to be loose character and can be punished by law but why not a male?

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