Shantanu Siuli

Ph.D. Research Scholar

Seacom Skills University

Birbhum, West Bengal




The aim of this present paper is to give a detailed analysis of the psychological indication of a human mind before being a mother after pregnancy. The name Sylvia Plath, an American confessional poet, itself is the matter of great psycho as it has been discussed a lot since the past few decades. With this these poems foreshadowing the cult of the deep psychology of a girl before having a sense of motherhood completely, Plath exaggerates the notion of the strong sense of motherhood as well as her own feeling over the unborn being growing up gradually in herself. A deep psychology and strong sense of motherhood completely grasps over her brain made her able to pen the theme of her strong feeling over the unborn. And this kind of physical as well as psychological bonding led her to project an another world for having been isolated from this narrow and undependable world around her. Her highly but practical world of imagination taken from her personal life derives a great deal of force of her mind.

Keynotes:Psychological indication, fertility, undependable world, psychological bonding, inner-self, maturity.

How does Plath incorporate the strong feeling of motherhood and naturalistic behavior of the unborn being in herself: A selective study on You’re and Stillborn, Metaphors, Morning Song.