Ashik Istiak

(Green University of Bangladesh)


This paper attempts to explain the animal poems of Ted Hughes in the light of Deconstruction and Psychoanalysis. The paper first presents the physical description of the violent and sometimes exotic animals in many of his animal poems and then tries to explore the hermeneutics of them. The basic aim of the study is to provide enough logic to declare that the vicious animals of Ted Hughes are more humans than animals. The theories: Deconstruction and Psychoanalysis will be applied to find out how the cruelty, the vendetta and the ferociousness of the animals in Hughes’ poems go beyond their animal identities. Overall, the article promises food for thought for the readers of Ted Hughes and the English literature learners.


Keywords:Animalia,Break-free Attitude,Deconstruction,Instinct,Violence,Metaphor

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Human Animals in Ted Hughes’ Poetry: A Thorough Study of the Animal Poems of Ted Hughes