Eva Das

Student Psychologist (Aakash Institute)

MA Psychology (2014), Delhi University

Janakpuri  Delhi



Excellence is the quality of being outstanding or extremely good. Achievement of Human Excellence is incomplete without the transformation within. This paper reflects on the positive correlation between Self-transformation and Human Excellence. Drawing on Rogers’s personality theory which states that people have an inherent tendency to develop all its capacities in ways which serve to maintain or enhance the organism throws light on the fact that the various factors that contributes to achieving excellence is by its very nature, internal.  But to change from within we have to engage in complex micro processes like Self regulation, self awareness and self introspection. Dynamics of personality like the ability to engage with constructive criticism are also critical to ensure a positive direction of the journey of Self-transformation. A society where each individual strives to change for the better and understands the varied facets of Self-transformation is utopian. But with a positive approach, stressing on inner strengths, more than anything else, can help individuals resolve and ultimately conquer their inner weakness.

Keywords: Self-transformation, Self regulation, Self actualization

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Human Excellence from Within: The Aspect of Self-Transformation