Dr. Shuchita Chandhok

Amity Institute of English Studies & Research

Amity Institute of Corporate Communication

Amity University, Noida.


Dr. Vinita Soni

Department of Applied Sciences & Humanities

IIMT Group of Colleges, Greater Noida


Literature can be used in teaching English as Second Language. These classes can be very evocative. Interactive teaching not only helps the students to participate keenly but also raises some interest in literature. In the paper firstly we discuss the evolution of literature in language classroom accounting for its use in the classes and the ways in which poetry can help in sustaining interest in language learning through learner’s participation. Coleridge’s Kubla Khan has been selected to generate interest through myriad imaginative exercises along with basic language treatment and developing communicative competence as well. The paper ends with a didactic proposal in teaching language in ESL classroom.

Key words: ESL, Kubla Khan, Imagination, Literature, Language Teaching

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An Imaginative Journey in ESL Classroom