Dr. C.N. Baby Maheswari

Associate Professor

University of Hafr Al Baten

Saudi Arabia


Goldsmith was a writer of versatile genius. Goldsmith is one of the greatest humorists in the English language. His greatness as a dramatist is to be evaluated in the context of the state of the English drama at the time. His comic muse is characterized by immense variety.    Goldsmith’s She stoops to Conquer is one of the finest comedies in the language. He wrote the play with the firm intention of amusing and entertaining. Hardcastle has a fine sense of humour and a lively wit.  It is his sense of humour which enables him to bear so much with a smile on his face.  When his wife speaks of Tony’s reaching the age of discretion, he retorts that he will never do that.

Immense Variety of Humour in Goldsmith‘s She Stoops to Conquer pdf