*Dr. Laxmi R Chauhan

Faculty of English

Dept. of English, KGC-Dehradun

Gurukul Kangri University, Haridwar



Rochipura, P.O- Majra




Any country’s foreign policy has fundamentals of permanency and amendments resulting to a change in government. India’s foreign policy is no different. The changes have not essentially been unambiguouslyspoken, but are inherent in the government’s actions and view of the world.

There are areas of the evolving changes are the supremacy given to economic and technological development; the prominence on national power comprising primarily military power; and stress on soft power; a bargain in self-imposed constraints on actions that other countries may interpretas unwelcoming to their interests; and the orientation of domestic and foreign policies toward this objective.

India’s Simultaneously Changing Foreign Policy; A Reflection on India’s Nuclear Policy pdf