Anil Kalsi

Assistant Professor

P.G.Dept. of History

S.G.G.S.Khalsa College

Mahilpur (Hoshiarpur)




Early Life


Jai Prakash Narayan popularly known as J.P. was born on 11th October, 1902 at Sitabdiara then in Bengal Presidency of British India (now in Ballia Distt. of U.P.). He was versatile person, a good orator, social activist, writer, freedom fighter, socialist, social reformer and also ‘revolutionary’. His ability as a mass leader and organizational skill can be better seen in the post- independence era. After independence, his relations with Nehru got strained and he quit the Congress and formed Socialist party. At that time Nehru’s popularity was at its peak and any opposition to Nehru was meant the end of one’s political career. J.P. not only withstand this risk but in the coming years, he became the central figure in eradicating the autocratic rule of Indira Gandhi.

JP’s Total Revolution and Emergency