Ch. Rupa Jhansi Rani

Assistant Professor

S.R.K.R. Engg. College

Bhimavaram, A.P.

D. Vijaya Lakshmi

Sr. AssistantProfessor

Vishnu Institute of Technology

Bhimavaram, A.P.



In the present scenario, teaching English language is revolutionized. Teacher Centred Classes are replaced with Student Centred Classes according to the instructions given by the universities. Researchers identified that Teacher Centred Learning does not lead to accomplishment of desired learning outcomes. Student Centred Learning like flipped classroom by using e-learning methods has developed as it is extremely useful alternative learning method in this digital age. So ordinary classes in the colleges are turned into smart classrooms. Flipped classroom is a teaching method evolving through widespread implementation of the World Wide Web. Example for Cyber Space is   World Wide Web which has become popular with the usage of technology by layman in his regular activities. Through this WWW, the instructional content is provided electronically to students at home, video lectures,using short instructional audios and videos, collaborative projects,online activities etc. This paper focuses on the aspects of the cyberspace such as internet, blogs, email discussions, iPod, podcast, teleconference, webcast etc.

Key words: Language, learning, cyber space, online,

Language Teaching in Cyber Space: A Different Approach