Vineetha Krishnan

Research Scholar

Centre for English Studies

Jawaharlal Nehru University


This paper talks about International Chalu Union (ICU), a popular Malayalam troll website in Facebook. I tries to examine how ICU and memes in general engaged in social criticism as these websites are new platforms for social satires. I here asks questions about the changing language or vocabulary of popular political sarcasm. How the state means like intertextuality and intermediality is significant to political satire? What are the barriers which limits the platforms like ICU? Is there any particular political conviction or orientation in the framework of ICU? Is it bound itself or tied back in its workings? ICU is not institutionally oriented to any politics. But it has some ideological set up than simply basic political correctness. Every trolls in Facebook has something specific to expound. It may be some silly issues or else serious matters. But we can’t generalize trolling based on its etymology, as someone who resist or block the flow of things. It won’t be always counter radial and lacks necessary feature on obstructing. We should uncouple ICU from the etymology of troll as it engages in enabling information than its original mythological origin. So I here looks at ICU while remembering a long history of memes and how it engaged in social criticism.

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