Dr. Ajit Kumar Kullu

Junior Lecturer in English

Govt. Junior College, Koraput




Language is enormously the effective and authoritative tool of communication. Man lives in society and communicates in language known to him. There are number of languages in the world, some in spoken and others in both spoken and written forms. This world which is now known as a global village has thousands of languages. Some languages are taking over other languages. The reasons could be anything social, political or economic. The dominant languages are flourishing whereas the others are getting extinct. The dialects used by the tribal groups are headed to oblivion. The tribal population actually finds it hard to adjust to this change over of languages. They are caught in a dilemma.

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Linguistic and Cultural Dilemmas of Tribals MLE and Kharia, Munda Oraon and Kisan speaking tribes of Sundargarh District of Odisha