Dr. Anuradha Nongmaithem

Assistant Professor in English

Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

National Institute of Technology Agartala

Brajala, Jirania

West Tripura




The paper is an attempt to study on how there is deeply rooted connection between Manipuri society and its literature. The thrust of the study is on the translated version of Manipuri poetries of few of the selected writers. The paper will closely focus on how social turmoil and unrest can have a deep impact upon its literature. How their writing try to define gender conscious society of Manipur. The writer cannot run away from the harsh reality that is happening around them. For decades Manipuri people are having unrest social and political rights. The chaotic turbulence is beautifully captured by many writers trying to find solution in their possible ways.  The legacy of Manipuri literature is young compared to other existing literature in India. Its literature has its own richness of native sensibility and there are few writers who are acknowledge by other mainstream literary body in India.  The paper attempted to unfold the inner most meaning of the writer views through analysis.

KEY WORDS:  Manipuri literature, Social, Chaotic, Unrest and Feminist issue.

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