Proceedings of Research Papers Presented At The National Research Seminar In English On “Widening Canvas Of Literature” Held On 03rd And 04th December, 2015

Dr. Jaya Sharma

Dept. of English,

Institute for Excellence in Higher Education,

Bhopal (M.P.)


The literature and society are related to each other. Literature meditates the countenance of individual, social life and thought. The quality of literature is touched with the zeitgeist. Literature is the knowledge and the power. The function of knowledge is to teach while the function of power is to move. Literature is full of perfumes. It always anticipates life and moulds it to its purpose. Literature does not please by moralizing us. It moralises us because it pleases. Hence, literature is not an artifice, but the expression of life lived in society.

Keywords: Expression, Vocabulary, Artifice

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“Literature is not an Artifice, but the Expression of Life lived in Society”