*Padma Rampalli

Research scholar (Ph.D), Sri Krishna University, Andhra Pradesh, India.

**Dr. Hampamma Gongadi

Professor of English,  Madanapalle Institute of Tech & Science, Madanapalle, Andhra Pradesh




“Three Virgins and other stories” is a collection of short stories with unusual and radical themes. Under gnawing and ironical studies of contemporary society, Manjula Padmanabhan displays a wonderful range of short stories in this collection. In every story Padmanabhan brings a surprising turn, a touch of parody, a whiff of criticism, and a tasty undercurrent of dim amusingness. The stories veer between fantasy and realism.

Keywords: Radical, Fantasy, Realism, Parody, Criticism, Amusingness.

Manjula Padmanabhan’s “Three Virgins and Other Stories”:
Amazing, Amusing, Disturbing and Dazzling!