Dr. C.N. Baby Maheswari

Associate Professor

University of Hafr Al Baten




T.S. Eliot began writing The Waste Land in the autumn of 1921. T. S. Eliot’s The Waste Land is the most significant and representative poem of the twentieth century. It exposes the very soul of modern generation with all its horrors, moral, spiritual and intellectual bankruptcy, disillusionment and waste. It particularly exposes the horror of war and the waste and rigidity that accompany and follow the modern warfare.

The main theme of the poem is life-in-death. It suggests the living death of the inhabitants of The Waste Land. Throughout the poem, it is evident that man is shown to have lost his passion, i.e, his faith in God and religion, his passion participation in religion and this decay of faith has resulted in the loss of vitality, both spiritual and emotional.


Keywords: The Waste Land, Theme, Life –in-death, modern generation.

Modern Life as a Waste Land in Eliot’s The Waste Land