Ms.G. Shalom

Teaching Associate and Research Scholar

Andhra University College of Engg. for Women

Visakhapatnam, A.P.




Daniel Defoe’s novel ‘The Fortunes and Misfortunes Of The Famous Moll Flanders’ is the life story of a woman who never gave up hope however wretched her circumstances might be. It is the timeless story of a woman who had consciousness alive in her soul even though her poverty mocked her. Life is a journey. Each path has roses and thorns. When we see roses, we feast the heart. When thorns come up, we brush them aside instead of letting them prick us.


Moll Flanders is a novel written by Daniel Defoe. He was a 17th century novelist who lived in an age bombarded with political, religious and moral upheavals. Defoe himself was writer, a pamphleteer, a spy, a journalist and a trader.  His works [Robinson Crusoe (1719) and Moll Flanders (1722)] have laid foundation to English novels and are among the valued first novels, others being Bunyan’s ‘The Pilgrims Progress’ (1678).

Moll Flanders Still Alive