Mrs. Parul Sharma

Dr. Shriya Goyal

Senior Coordinator & English Teacher

Uttranchal University




This paper intends to highlight the moral values which are deeply inherent in the child characters of Ruskin Bond. The researcher intends to explore the strong character traits which are the result of the moral values so deeply ingrained in these child characters. The strong moral code possessed by these characters makes them extraordinary despite their very ordinary life. This paper is divided into three sections.

Section A – A brief introduction of the writer and his contribution to English Literature.

Section B – Analysis of the selected short stories in the light of moral values exhibited by the characters in the stories.

Section C – Conclusion with a summary of significant points discussed in the paper.

Key words: Extra-ordinary, meticulous, undaunted, magnanimity, sacrifice.

Section A

Hailed as the pioneer in the field of literature and popularly known as a writer of children stories, Ruskin Bond has an equally huge fan following amongst the grown-ups. He is perhaps the only author to have been read by all age groups with equal delight. Born as Owen Ruskin Bond to Aubrey Alexander Bond on May 19, 1934, in the small hill town of Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh, Ruskin Bond has over five hundred compilations to his credit and has been the proud recipient of the Sahitya Academy (1993) award, Padamshree (1991) and Padma Bhusan (2014).

Moral Values in The Child Characters in Select Short Stories of Ruskin Bond