P. Vijaya Lakshmi

Research scholar

Potti Sriramulu Telugu University





The English teachers often face the problem of teaching students with multilingual background, i.e. students who have studied in Telugu medium or Hindi medium or Gujarati, Urdu or some other medium clubbed with students who have studied with English as the medium of instruction. Various pedagogies are being adopted to deal with such classes in primary and elementary level.  Since undergraduate students are expected to be more mature than school and plus two level students, the undergraduate students feel a handicap to speak and write in English effectively. Usually it is a widely popular belief that mother tongue influence hampers one from acquiring proficiency in English. Though communicating English through English is a suggested method of teaching, teaching English through mother tongue in the tertiary level as a sort of bridging the gap for the pupil acquiring enough skills to understand English can be adopted through innovative methods. This paper tries to find a few innovative methods by taking mother tongue as an aid to teach English. One method each to teach Phonetics, grammar, vocabulary, communication/soft skills and a piece of literature is discussed. Some of them were used practically in classrooms for undergraduate students successfully.

Keywords: mother tongue, English, first step, aid, tool.

Mother Tongue The First Step To Learn English