Tency Varghese P

Assistant Professor

P G Department of English & Research Centre

Vimala College, Thrissur 680009




In the long span of history whenever there were trials and tribulations, there was a tendency for man to turn towards the power above. The warmth and affection which he receives from some superior power make him happy and joyful in day today life. He searches for the spiritual strength to help him continue life with ease and comfort. The two world wars which lead to fragmentations, isolations and disappointments created a strong urge in man to get awakened by God but the desires of the body and the search for luxuries and comforts in life turned him away from God leaving his own ego the most important factor to be nurtured at any cost. Man turned towards his own psyche avoiding “the image and likeness of God”. (Gen 1:27) As a result there arose a number of movements like Hare Ram Movement, Beat Generation, Flower Children etc to uplift the people in whichever manner possible. At this critical juncture, Fulton J Sheen with his eloquent voice inspired the people to think for themselves the transient nature of their ego and the permanency of the Divine.

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Persuasion Triangle: Rhetorical Artifacts in Fulton J Sheen’s Homiletics