*Rupam Gogoi

Department of English


Piklee Buragohain

C/O Dr. Maheswar Talukdar


Assam- 782001


Abstract: Yumlam Tana is an English poet from Arunachal Pradesh, India and his poems have been appreciated by the readers and acclaimed by critics. The paper shall attempt to critically analyse the poetic concerns of Tana whose works attempt to make an authentic portrayal of the Nyishi society in particular and all tribal societies in general. Caught in the vortex of modernity and globalization the tribes have found it tough to establish equilibrium between the various economic, cultural and socio-political developments/ changes taking place around them and their cultural heritage. Tana deals with the varied aspects of the everyday lives of his people trapped in such circumstances. The researchers shall objectively analyse how the poet views the situation and his take on it.

Keywords: Home, Culture, Mainland, Root.

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