Dr. Ruchi Malaviya

Assistant Professor

Dept. of English

Ss Khanna Girls Post Graduate College, Allahabad



“The issue of poetic diction had been growing upon the English literary consciousness steadily since about the time of Chaucer, that is, since the beginning of Renaissance English literature and with special intensity since the time of Spenser. A new linguistic consciousness, the new linguistic expansiveness of the Renaissance nation promoted the learned enrichment of vernacular expression and produced a plethora of words. A some what different but closely related spirit of self-conscious artistry promoted a specifically poetic diction. Such a diction grew rapidly with the tradition of an important poetry in an important language and the development and refinement of this poetry through several generations of poets and critics.”1         -Wimsatt                                      

Poetic Diction: A Linguistic Style As Developed in Eighteenth Century