V. S. Sujitha

Assistant Professor

St.Joseph’s College, Thrissur, Kerala



Feminism has always concentrated on how the patriarchal structures are sustained within the society and how women unconsciously absorb, follow and propagate this ideology. Stories and different narrative structures which appear in various literary works have helped these phallocentric ideologies to instill themselves deep in the minds of the readers. Shakespeare’s plays strongly promote and perpetuate these ideologies. This paper is an attempt to uncover how gender and the position in the hierarchies of power structures are related; and how the absence of strong female characters in his plays are a way to establish the supremacy of patriarchy. This paper deals with his last play The Tempest.

Keywords: Power, gender, hierarchy, absence, social value, virginity, commodity

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Politics of Absence: The Conflicting Positions and Gender Hierarchy in The Tempest