*Manoj Kumar Garg

Assistant Professor

Department of English

Acharya Narendra Dev College

(University of Delhi)

**Dr. G Venkataramiah

Assistant Professor

Department of Modern Indian Languages and Literary Studies

(University of Delhi)





Women constitute half of the population but they are denied their basic rights. They have been given secondary status in the society. They are confined within four walls of their homes. They are oppressed at the name of religion, caste and class. They are neither emancipated nor economically independent. They are not treated as human beings rather treated as commodities to be pawned.


This paper traces the pathetic condition of Muslim women through Salma’s narrative The Hour Past Midnight. It portrays how men have framed rules in their favor and have different parameters for men and women. The objective of this paper is to highlight the double standards of society towards men and women.

Portrayal of Double Standards in Salma’s narrative- The Hour Past Midnight