Proceedings of Research Papers Presented At The National Research Seminar In English On “Widening Canvas Of Literature” Held On 03rd And 04th December, 2015

Dr. S. P. Singh

Head, Dept. of English

Shree Neelkantheshwar

Government post Graduate College, Khandwa.

Today, we are living in an age of globalization. The world is a cottage country; we share our knowledge and experiences almost on every front and this works to strengthen us. So, there is need for a literature that belongs to all, world literature and this can alone be visualized if we by using the power of translation can make it a reality. In brief, translation has this power. Much to our success that translation is performing this task in a comprehensive manner.To make the point more simple, let us say that translation alone is the available power through which we can share with the literary qualities of the past writers as well as the modern.This point also should become clearly clear that nothing can be compared with the position when read the book in original language. But so long it is not possible to know all the languages and cultures, our dependency in translation is indispensible.We should also understand the act that all translations are not bad. There are translations by the great writers which form the category of another creation. In brief, it depends on the competency of the translator to give it either shape, make it widely acceptable or boring. Translation work is not an easy task. It is another form of creation. Translator must go deep into the psyche of the writer for the successful translation. To translate a piece of literature means to identify with the writer to know his self.To translate the work of writer means to know his culture, geography, thought-pattern, behavior of the people, their way of living and behaving.

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Power of Translation: A Study In Particular Reference To Johann Woolfgang Von Goethe’s ‘Faust’