Rajni Saini

M.Phil Student, Department Of English

Crsu, Jind





The caste system in India has isolated innumerable dalits, from mainstream of life .Being socially segregated for centuries; they are obliged to live a helpless life without menial facilities. Dalit Literature is the only medium to show their cruelties. They have been suffering in the name of the caste system. Their life is marked with disgrace, humiliation, dishonor, suppression and discrimination. Joothan is an autobiography by Omprakash Valmiki in which he has explored the issues of exploitation of Dalits.  Dalit autobiographies are meant to be understood as a representative story, where the ‘ordinary’ or ‘representative’ Dalit individual uses his narrative to raise his voice for those who are silenced by caste oppression. The present research article intends to depict that how a Dalit writer has used the tool of autobiography to show the harsh realities of caste system. It also demonstrates the sufferings and humiliations of an untouchable in the India that how he was deprived of even basic human rights.

Key Words: Dalit, Caste System, Sufferings, India, Autobiography, Humiliation, Depiction.

Om Prakash Valmiki’s Joothan: Portrayal of a Dalit’s Life Traumatic Experiences