Dr. Shivalingaswamy H K

Associate Professor & Chairman

Dept. of Studies and Research in English

Tumkur University





It is universally known that higher education is of great importance in the course of any country’s development. The education sector is what determines the future of a nation in terms of economic, social and cultural solidarity. Fortunate we are that we have been witnessing significant changes in the demography in the form of size and diversity of the higher education sector. India’s higher education policy of the 1950s has finally paid off rich dividends. The creation of IITs, IIMs, Schools of Science, Schools of Law, a large number of advanced training and research institutions have now been well and widely accepted.

In this regard, the present paper attempts to examine the following:

  • How has the mushrooming of Private Universities benefited the dissemination of Higher Education in India?
  • What are the possible governing factors that distinguish between Private and Public Universities?
  • Has the increasing number of Universities promoted Inclusive Growth?

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Private Universities – Boon or Bane for Inclusive Growth