Mr. Dipak Chandrakant Devkar

Assistant Professor in English

 Adarsh Institute of Technology






On that cheerful day you had come,
And I was unable to find a home.
You entered with loud thunder
Which made me nothing but wonder.

And I was nothing to do but enjoy your presence
Because my umbrella’s status was absence.

At first I hated your entry
But then realized your help for the country,
So enjoyed till my clothes got filthy
Which made me very healthy.

You refreshed my body and mind
And I think your arrival was very kind.



Tell Her.. You Love Her….

If you love someone …show it
Let the other person know it.
Don’t wait for her to find,
May be she never reads your mind.

Don’t just depend on your fate
The “wait and wait” may make it too late .
If towards her your mind it bend,
Say it , because  later you might repent .

That’s why you didn’t say it when she was there,
Now she may be with  someone somewhere .
That someone also could have been you,
If only you  had the words you wanted to.

You never said it in the fear of rejection,
Maybe all this time she was ready for your affection.
If later you find she felt the same,
Then you would have no one but yourself to blame.

You missed a chance you would have got,
You lost someone …you loved a lot…


It is the best time to wake up
To take all the responsibility on your shoulder.
It is the best time to break up
With the problems those make us surrender.

To fight with the unbeatable foe
Is the real struggle of man.
He fails many times while struggling though
He knows he can.

Man is not made for defeat
But man is made for repeat.
Behind every defeat there’s success.
That makes happy every face

Success is as bright as the Sun
Which can’t be achieved without burn

Because of You

I wake up in morning
because of you,
I come to college on time
because of you ,
I don’t waste time with friends
because of you ,
I am lonely in crowd
because of you ,
I have been thinking whole days
about you ,
My life has been created
for you ,
I cannot remember anything
because of you ,
I cannot eat more
because of you ,
I cannot see any more
except you ,
I have been attending lectures
for you ,
In examination hall I cannot concentrate
but only at you ,

Sometimes I get disturbed
because of you ,
But I cannot hate you
because of you.
You you you  you !
You both are plesant pains
to me,
You both are lifetime companions
to me.
One of you is very intelligent
to me,
And other is very beautiful

   to me


Rain, Tell Her… Success, You Love Her… & Because of You