Proceedings of Research Papers Presented At The National Research Seminar In English On “Widening Canvas Of Literature” Held On 03rd And 04th December, 2015

Vipul Parmarthi,


Govt. Women’s Polytechnic College,



Dr. Lajwanti Kishnani,

Assistant Professor,

BITS Pilani University, Dubai (UAE)


Chetan Bhagat is a prolific Indian writer who has dealt with key problems of the youth in India .His novels are spun around various social and cultural pressures in the society and above all to add to the dressing he adds a romantic twist to the entire story.He uses his writing as a proactive pill which stimulates the mind to find or ponder over the desired innovative changes in a patriarchal society .In his novel Five Point Someone he subtly questions the orthodox Indian Education System  which  identifies Knowledge of students in terms of the grades and CGPA they score.The novel is set at the backdrop of the premiere Engineering Institute of India the IIT .Influence of films is bidirectional: society is reflected in movies and in turn films also influence us. Cinema has a great impact on us and our lives and film stars are our biggest influence. Sometimes cinema not only entertains us but also gives out a social message and touches us deeply and gives a lot of positivity. In this paper we are trying to bring out such films and how they have touched our lives and inspired us and have attempted to bring a change in the society since ‘a change’ is something that everyone is looking these days for. Our main focus will be on Rajkumar Hirani’s film 3 Idiots .

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Raju Hirani‘s 3 Idiot: A Classic Blend of Entertainment and Morality