Dr. Anuradha Nongmaithem

Assistant Professor in English

Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

National Institute of Technology Agartala

Jirania, Brajala, West Tripura




The paper traces the journey of Nnu Ego in Emecheta’ The Joy Of Motherhood.  The paper studies some striking similarities between the Ibo women and Manipuri women. There are many instances where the protagonist Nnu Ego’s life and way of thinking and treatment of women in Ibo culture are similar with Manipuri culture. Emecheta is a renounce and greatest women writer in Africa. The reference to the Ibo culture is drawn from the text.  She has beautifully canvas the life and culture of Ibo women and at the larger stage speaks about the social status of motherhood worldwide, especially the community where giving birth to a boy is gaining social status in their community.

Keywords:  Emecheta, Manipuri, Feminist, Ibo-culture.

Re- Visiting Nnu Ego in Buchi Emecheta’ The Joy of Motherhood