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Rejections often cause many psychological wounds. The result of rejection leads to anger,erodes confidence and self esteem, and destabilizes our fundamental feeling of belonging. Most human’s desire social contact,being rejected can incite negative feeling. Sudha Murthy is undoubtedly one of the most significant contemporary Indian women novelists in English.Sudha Murty projects the image of modern women who have a career and a development of feminine sensibility beyond being feminist. The present paper elucidates how the rejected woman in the modern world becomes revolutionary woman through SudhaMurty’s ‘Gently falls the Bakula’.In Gently Falls the Bakula, Shrimati falls in love with her neighbourShrikant and get married. But she was badly rejected,ill-treated and demanded money by her mother-in-law. Later on, she was also rejected by her husband. Finally she successfully ends up in doing Ph.D in U.S. in spite of many odds.Sudha Murty projects the marginalization of Indian women at the hands of their husbands through Shrimathi and Shrikant.

Key words: Literature, the traditional woman, Rejection, Revolution, New Woman

Rejection Leads to Revolution of Protagonist inSudhaMurty’s‘Gently Falls TheBakula