Dr. S. Shanmuga Priya

Asst.Professor of English

MITS, Madanapalle




The literary product and philosophical stand has brought Raja Rao the status of a classical writer. As he is a Brahmin, he was greatly influenced by Hinduism. The basic tenets of vendantic philosophy are explicit in his novels. Principles such as devotion to god, surrender of the self and meditation are reflected in his novels. Kanthapura is his well-known novel – a masterpiece. Ruth Prawar Jhabwala is a Polish-Jewish and married a Parsi architect. But the large extended family of her husband’s Punjabi’s business partner provided Jhabwala with an opportunity to observe Indian and particularly Hindu-life at close quarters. In 1975, she won the Booker Prize for her novel Heat and Dust which was later adapted into a movie. Present paper aims at presenting how the two authors from different religious background depict the religious beliefs of Indians in the selected novels.

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Religious Beliefs as Depicted in Raja Rao’s  Kanthapura and Ruth Prawar Jhabwala’s Heat and Dust