Anjali Singh

Research Scholar

English Department, GGSIPU




The last decade of twentieth century proved to be a watershed for the dalit literary sensibility. The reasons behind the perceptible cleavage can be easily summarized in the wake of some national and international events during 1990s that left an indelible print on the dalit literary representation. The most distinct feature of post 1990 dalit literature was the emergence of Dr. Ambedkar as the national icon. Though, he suffered in void as a national leader, eclipsed by Mahatama Gandhi during his eventful tenure. His unceremonious resignation as the first law minister due to the failure of passing of Hindu Code Bill in the parliament and the disappointment following the tumbling of Poona Pact made his follower susceptible of his constitutional credo. Still the dalit literary sensiblity post 1990s altered it all. The thrust of the paper is to delve on the theme of resurrecting Dr. Ambedkar as the central figure in the poetry of dalit women, irrespective of the regional and linguistic diversity post 1990s.  Their poetry also ventures into the troubled zone of dalit leadership that has gone astray from the path shown by the quintessential leader. Here, the poetry becomes a desperate call to revive his ideas and transforms into a powerful social activism. There is a blend of aesthetically appealing poetry on one hand and unmincing protest on the other hand. The paper endeavors to present  an overarching frame encompassing the selected poems complied post 1990s by Bengali, Hindi,   Malyalam, and Marathi  dalit women poets consolidating Dr. Ambedkar as a national figure.


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Resurrecting  Bhim: Emergence of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar as National Icon in Dalit Women Poetry Post 1990s.