Dr. S. Barathi

Assistant Professor

Department of English

SRC, SASTRA University




K.V. Dominic is a prominent writer from the southern part of India. A poet par excellence has numerous awards and honours to his credit. His maiden anthology, Winged Reason published in the year 2010 had a great response from the readers. He has also published two more Poetry collections, Write My Son Write and Multicultural Symphony which has won wide acclaim among the poetry lovers and researchers. Born in Kerala, the land of scenic beauty and pure nature, the writer naturally has the gift of appreciating his surroundings. Besides, the writer is also the editor of refereed and indexed Journals Writers Editors Critics (WEC) and International Journal of Multicultural Literature (IJML). He is well known among his peers and persons close to him for his humanistic attitude and as a compassionate soul.

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Review of Philosophical Musings for a Meaningful Life:  An Analysis of K. V. Dominic’s Poems Edited by Dr. S. Kumaran. Modern History Press, 2016. ISBN:  978-1-61599-266-9.