Ms Savita Verdia

Lecturer (Dept. of English)

Govt. Meera Girls’ College

Udaipur (Raj.)



The travelogues by foreigners who visited India in the past have always been important as they relay the important details of historical times. Megasthenese, Ptolemy, Fa-Hien, Hiuen Tsiang, Alberuni, Ibn Battuta, Marco Polo and many other foreigners have given an extraordinary account of ancient India in their works. India continues to allure the writers from the West even today. William Dalrymple is one such travel writer who got deeply interested in the history and culture of India and wrote about six books on it. City of Djinns: A Year in Delhi, his second book and the first on India is a travelogue shaped like a novel which digs up the history of India’s capital, Delhi. In this paper I make an attempt to explore the multifaceted travelogue writing of William Dalrymple and study City of Djinns as a travelogue evoking the history and culture of a city. The present paper aims to show how a travel writer’s perception of a city in his writing helps the readers to relive the past of a city and understand it better.

Key words: Travelogue, William Dalrymple, history, cross fertilization, relive


Revisiting the Past through a Travelogue: A Study of William Dalrymple’s City of Djinns