Dr. Punamdeep Singh

Senior Research Scholar

Department of Public Administration

Punjabi University



Information constitutes as one of the seven specific aspects of good governance identified by the World Bank Report, 1992 entitled “Governance and Development”. Information and knowledge are the instruments of transformation because they enable public to engage their representatives and the bureaucracy on an ongoing basis and to participate effectively in the formulation and implementation of policies and activities purportedly for their benefit. An empowered citizenry in relation to the state tends to make administration more accountable and participatory as well as ensuring greater transparency and acting as a deterrent against the arbitrary exercise of official power.[1]

[1] Rajvir S. Dhaka, “Right to Information Act and Good Governance: Operational Problems and Road Ahead”, in Indian Journal of Public Administration, Vol. LV, No.3, New Delhi, Indian Institute of Public Administration, July-September, 2009, pp.534-535.

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