Pintu Mahakul

Research Scholar, Department of Business Administration

Berhampur University, Bhanja Bihar, Berhampur -760007, Odisha


Satyanarayan Pathi

Professor, Department of Business Administration

Berhampur University, Bhanja Bihar, Berhampur




We see advancement of science and technology and get many benefits of new inventions. Life is more comfortable at present as compared to olden days. Along with advancement of society our life styles have changed. We all remain very busy. We search for happiness. Clumsy mind gives rise to stress these days. This is a major problem for modern society. Literature is a special gift of creativity. This has power to dominate over clumsiness. Mind sings in relaxed mood or during heavy stress mind sings to be relaxed. There is connection of mind’s singing in stress handling. While mind sings poems come out automatically. Poets say that they do not need to sit and write. Whatever comes in mind and flows from inner spirit to outward it becomes a poem. Any natural beauty that attracts, any feelings, emotion, pathetic conditions of life or romantic moments or any such incidences initiate to sing. Poets report that poem gives them inner satisfaction and happiness. Not only poems satisfy only poets or writers but also satisfy common people. In society always there is demand of poems. But spiritual poems touch every core of mind, body and spirit. This study focuses on such poems based on spirituality and poems that contain opinions on stress to handle in English literature. Having this study on various poems we know that these have important role in reduction of social and personal stress. Spiritual poems manage life with inner values and develop internal qualities. Poems become the part of natural music of life. These act as natural therapy on stress to reduce. This study confirms that spiritual poems have power to give inner happiness and remove clumsiness of mind, tension and sorrows of human resources. Few of the poems are also reviewed here. We hope this study will be beneficial to many researchers, readers and people.

Keywords: – Life, stress, spirituality, poems and attitudes

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Role of Spiritual Poems on Stress Reduction – A Study