Ekta Sawhney

Assistant Professor  & Research Scholar

School of Humanities & Social Sciences

Babu Banarasi Das University


Dr. Archana Durgesh

Associate Professor & Supervisor

Department of Humanities & Social Sciences

Babu Banarasi Das University




India has time and again, been a witness to the divine presence of saints and seers, who have incarnated on Earth to save the souls of millions of people. Sri Ramakrishna was one of these saints. Born in the Hooghly district of Bengal, this son of Goddess Kali soon attained, through his will and dedication, the ultimate realization of the infinite. Adept in various Vedantic techniques and Tantric practices, he remained an innocent child of the Goddess throughout his life. He was an epitome of spiritual powers & a favourite of his disciples especially Narendranath (later, Swami Vivekananda). He supported the Vedantic ideal of seeing God in men, right through his life. This paper traces the life of this saintly icon who was a true example of living for the service of mankind.

Keywords: Divine, Saints, Seers, Goddess, Vedanta, Spiritual

A Saint called Ramakrishna