Aravind Babu Chilukuri

Individuality does not mean personality. As the word ‘personality’ comes from the Latin word persona meaning the mask. In this regard Rajneesh (1989) says, “Personality is given by the society to you. Individuality is your intrinsic nature. Individuality is your innermost Buddha, your innermost door to the divine”. Hence, a human being is individuality and not a personality.

Rajneesh (1979) says, “The superficial individuality is called personality. But it is better than having nothing at all at least it gives you a sense of your being, it defines you. But don’t remain in it forever. From the personality you have to reach Individuality and from the superficial individuality to the core individuality.  That is possible only by ‘yes’. But ‘yes’ is significant only if you have become able to say ‘no’.” He says that parents must create opportunities for the children to say ‘no’. Rajneesh (1976) says, “The personality is like the shell of an egg –the ego is the shell of an egg. It protects the life within for the time being only; beyond that it will be destructive. The egg has to be broken one day so the bird can come out. ‘No’ only creates a shell around you. If is good, it is needed, it is protective, but one day you have to come out of it. In the previous generation, it is common to find notice boards in the schools displaying of the statements “spare the rod and spoil the child”.  It means that if one does not discipline a child, s/he will never learn obedience and good manners. Alice miller (1998) says, “Daniel Schreiber taught that independence had to be crushed in children, through systematic abuse from infancy”.  His two children also suffered from mental disease. His oldest son had committed suicide.  These people are trained that obedience is virtue. Rajneesh (1976) says, “A man of individual chooses consciously whether to obey or not to obey.”  Rajneesh (1989) says, “Adolf Hitler was simply shouting slogans without any meaning, even nonsensical. He was telling the Germans, “All our miseries are because of the Jews.” The fact was that the Jews were the richest people in Germany, and his eye was on their riches. “Kill the Jews and take all their money and all their factories and all their businesses!” And he convinced the so-called intellectuals of Germany – even Martin Heidegger, one of the most famous philosophers of this century – that Jews were the problem. “Because of the Jews, Germany is not able to conquer the whole world, so first finish the Jews.”

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