Proceedings of Research Papers Presented At The National Research Seminar In English On “Widening Canvas Of Literature” Held On 03rd And 04th December, 2015

R. C. Hemnani

Assistant Professor of English,

Government Madhav Science College Ujjain

(M.P.) 456010


Language is the tool for communication and handling of any tool requires a certain skill. To be able to use English for communication one must possess all the communication skills. These are Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing – LSRW in short. All the four skills are equally important and one must acquire a command over them for the purpose of communication. However modern research is in the field of foreign language “here especially in English” have shown that the teaching of the English must start in its spoken forms.

There are many illiterate people but they use language for communication and the only medium of the language they can use is the ‘aural medium’ i.e. speech. Moreover written language is only an attempt to represent the sounds used in the spoken language by marks on the paper. Spoken English is produced by the movements of the organs of the speech – the Lungs, the larynx, the soft palate, the tong, the teeth and the lips. So every normal human being can produce any of the sounds of human speech. Written English consist of 26 letters in the Alphabet but 44 sound units. For the production of sound units we use different organs of the speech.

Unfortunately in an English course students spent most of the time in reading rather than listening to the spoken words. Even when new words are learnt their spellings, collocations, meanings etc. are taken in to account. Their pronunciation is generally ignored. As a result they are not able to speak English correctly. Simultaneously our students speak a variety of English. The students from the regional medium schools have no knowledge of stress and they retain the regional pronunciations. Even in the same regional or English medium schools, the students display a considerable Variety of pronunciation in their spoken English. Hence the phonological study of the spoken English of the students studying in the different regional and English medium schools becomes essential in order to restrain their phonological divergences and enable them to speak at least – intelligible and accepted Indian English.

The purpose of this paper is to familiarize the student with the basics of the spoken English at under graduate level without dwelling on the technical details. To achieve this goal the model of GIE is recommended to Indian students. After achieving intelligibility in India all efforts must be made to acquire R.P. (received pronunciations) of England in order to achieve international intelligibility.

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Significance of pronunciations in ELT