Guru Prasad Upadhyay

Ph.D. Scholar

Department of Political Science

Assam University, Diphu Campus

Diphu, Karbi Anglong

& Dr. K.C. Das, Associate Prof.

Dept. of Political Science, AUDC

Diphu, Karbi Anglong




The Nepalese of Karbi Anglong have been maintaining harmonious relationship with the indigenous people and other ethnic groups. They are so closely mingled with the Karbis that some of them are settled in the midst of Karbi populated villages.  The Nepalese of Karbi Anglong have been living in the district enjoying poor socio-economic and political conditions but both the Karbis and the Nepalese are found to have maintained reciprocal relation while observing their social festivals keeping their own tradition, customs, culture etc. intact. Matrimonially also these two communities are found to have established relation without any discrimination. From the view point of food habit also, both the communities are synonymous. From the time of settlement of Nepalese in Karbi Anglong as back as 150 years or so there has been no communal clash between them and it can be said that both the communities are peace loving.


Key words: constitution, development, contribution livelihood.

Socio-Economic and Political Condition of the Nepalese in Karbi Anglong