Md. Emon Islam Khan

MA & BA (Hons) in English

Department of English

Prime University

Rakib Uddin

Sr. Lecturer

Department of English

Prime University





Speaking anxiety of English language for the students of mid level schools is the principal agenda for the ELT researchers because of its increasing demands in the global village. Speaking, one of the four kills of a language here in the English language is being hampered due to some silly facts established at schools for teaching the skill. This speaking skill is not earned owing to having the anxiety of the speakers. This research paper has attempted to bring out the reasons and possible ways of remedy of this anxiety in a specific territory of the country. It is presumed in our educated society that speaking anxiety of English language is a curse in the path of a student’s development. Now-a-days the speaking ability by the students is a burning question in high schools. Even so this ability is not satisfactory to the teachers as well as the concerned parents. The aim of this term paper is to explore the reasons behind the anxiety in speaking the language and find the different ways to bring a solution. What are the major causes of this silent killer and its probable ways to solution have been investigated throughout gathering practical data from the students and teachers of high schools. The essential steps to eradicate this problem are suggested. Students and teachers are equally given importance for this purpose. The data from different mid level schools has been collected with taking permission from the legal authority.


Speaking Anxiety of English Language of the Students of High Schools at Old Dhaka in Bangladesh: Reasons and Remedies