Dr. T. Deivasigamani

Assistant Professor of English

Department of English

Annamalai University




Amit Chaudhuri is a stand out amongst the most observed Indian novelist in English. He belongs to a new wave of writers with roots in post emergency India. His works are partly set in India and England. There are no cataclysmic occasions in his works. He manages quotidian city life, portraying collaboration with family workers, Indian culture, sustenance, and music. At the more profound level, he investigates the subjects of displacement and belonging through his characters that are not at home. However, they are in their well known home areas. Chaudhuri has written numerous novels, short stories, poems, and critical essays in English. However, his novels have won several major awards and he has received international critical acclaim. His most recent novel, The Immortals, is a novel about music in the present day world. In this novel, Chaudhuri has presented similarly in Indian established music and Western pop and rock. Nevertheless, he is forcefully against the disordered combination music culture which is irritating the immaculateness of feel. As it is apparent from the title of his late music collection “This is Not a Fusion.” Chaudhuri is not against the Western custom of music rather his wrath is against the dissonant melodic cover. He detests the commercialization and promoting of music which has turned into the method for the world today and which is breaking down the entire masterful domain of the world.

Status of Indian Music in Amit Chaudhuri’s The Immortals