Rajeevan. P

Assistant Professor of History

Krishna Menon Memorial Government Women’s College

Kannur, Kerala



We are very proudly announced that Kerala is best in the country in socio-cultural, economical   or educational spheres of life. But the question is that whether we have any such credential in our account today? Have we achieved social cohesion so far? But no doubt, some considerable attainments have been made, though the devil of casteism is a silent haunting the public imagination everywhere. ‘During the medieval period the Pulayas and Parays the main producing class had significant position in the society’[i], but later all such privileges were taken away from them due to caste bias.  Still, caste/religion has become a major factor for determining one’s position. Even the word ‘merit’ itself is being polluted. Whatever achievement a country could flourish or whatever economic positions we gained, if the mental set up wouldn’t change, all the achievements became futile.

[i] K.N.Ganesh,Kerala Samooha Patanangal (mal),Prasakthi Books, Pathanamthitta, Reprint,2011,P.49.



Key words: Dalit, Pulaya, North Kerala,Kannur,Chirakkal,Swami Ananda Theerthaan etc.

Struggles and Scopes of Dalit life in North Malabar – a Kerala Experience pdf