Dr. Vibha Laxmi

Swami Vivekanand Subharti University, Meerut, U.P.




The purpose of this research was to study the preferential purposes for which using internet by undergraduates. In this research descriptive survey method was used.  The research selected 11 institutions of higher education of Agra city, U.P., India by incidental sampling and the purposive sampling method  was used to  select undergraduates Internet users.108 Arts students (56 male, 52 female), 111 Commerce students (52 male,49 female) and 131 science students (63 male, 68 female) were selected as Internet users. Self made questionnaire developed by researcher for finding various purposes of using Internet by Undergraduates. For the analysis of data, subjects were asked to provide preferential order to the various purposes for which they are using Internet. The various given preferences converted the weighted scores and summed. Finally the ranks were provided from highest sum of weighted score to the least sum of weighted score. After analysis, it was found that the most preferential use of Internet of undergraduates is to update the news available.  In relation to sex it can be concluded that both male and female undergraduates are using Internet for the purpose of their academic career and achievement. But there is a difference in their preference order. The male undergraduates are using Internet mainly for search of content and female are using Internet mainly for the purpose of completing the projects.   It is also concluded that there is a variation in the preferential use of Internet by the undergraduates of Arts, Commerce and Science streams. The Arts students mostly use Internet for entertainment purpose. While commerce students mainly use the Internet for completing assignment and the Science students gave first preference to search of content.

A Study of Preferential Purposes of Using Internet By Undergraduates