Jianjun Wang & Lina Ma

English Department

College of Foreign Languages

Inner Mongolia University

Hohhot, P. R. China


As two effective strategies, domestication and foreignization have served as well-known translating ways. As we all know that idioms are widely used in essays, this paper mainly discusses the significance of idiom translation studies and also analyses the two translation strategies – domestication and foreignization by their definitions. To explore how domestication and foreignization are applied to idiom translation in Selected Modern Chinese Essays rendered into English by Zhang Peiji, this paper selects some examples and analyses them to prove the feasibility of these two strategies. Finally, it comes to the conclusion that domestication and foreignization can be used flexibly to achieve appropriate translations.

Keywords: domestication, foreignization, four-character idiom translation, Selected Modern Chinese Essays


A Study of Translation of Chinese Four-character Idioms in Selected Modern Chinese Essays: Domestication and Foreignization