Radhika Seth

Lecturer, Research Scholar

Dayalbagh Educational Institute

17- R.S. Bagh, Near SarlaBagh Extn





This research paper tries to find the present status of Zardozi and Inlay artisans of remote and backward areas of Agra district on the review of their existing arts for the implementation and need of vocatioanlization and analyses it against the sustainability and employability. It entails the present scenario, identify the problems and investigate the opportunities available to enhance the productivity to raise the standard of living.

The beauty and charm of these arts has always been a source of attention to many Indian and foreign tourists.

Key Words: Vocatioanlization, Zardozi, Inlay, Sustainability, Employability

A Study on Vocationalization of Rural Handicrafts: Need of the Hour (With special reference to Zardozi and Inlay art of Agra District)