Dr. Deepa Mary Francis

Assistant Professor of English

Anna University: MIT Campus




Our society is, by and large, patriarchal.  In this patriarchal society, women have certain constraints and are expected to play various conventional roles.  Their wishes and objectives are not generally given a proper consideration.  In such a condition, individuality of women is so hard a concept for men to take.  We talk so much about women’s development, freedom and equality.  But the question whether women are given equal status with men does not find a solid or convincing answer. Talking about freedom and equality of women on one side, and on the other, subjugating them, is a condition commonly prevailing in all strata of society.  Ajoy Ashirwad Mahaprashata, in his article titled “Man’s world”, rightly points out:

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Subjugation and Emancipation: a Comparative Reading of Kamala Das’s “Flight” and Sarah Joseph’s “Inside Every Woman Writer”